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Terms and Conditions

This equipment rental agreement is made between the undersigned as Lessee(the “Lessee”) and I , Daniele Vassallo owner Mondello Rent by Daniele Vassallo (the “Lessor”)

The customer agrees not to provide false information about their personal details, age, address and driving qualifications, explicitly exempting the landlord from any damaging consequences that may arise in the case of false statements. The customer must hold a valid driving license for the right to drive the rented vehicle, since he is not subject to legal restrictions or measures of the judicial or administrative. If customers coming from outside the EU will be required to present an international driving license, provided that the country of origin is a signatory of the Convention on driving which adheres Italy, or the Geneva Convention of 1949 or the 1968 Vienna . Citizens of countries that are not signatories of either Conventions can drive in Italy if in possession of his national driving license and a translated copy of the same to be requested at the Italian embassy in the home country or at embassies and consulates of your  country in Italy.

The motorcycle is committed to the customer  with a full tank of fuel, provided with the standard equipment,with the following accessories; helmet, chain lock, alarm, screen, top box, and the vehicle documents of which the client  becomes the guardian for all purposes. The vehicle is delivered in excellent condition and operation, without defects and the customer with the signing of the same declares to have inspected, and verified the good conditions and account him fit for use. With this agreement is transferred to the customer only the detention of the vehicle, the possession of the same remaining fully available to the Mondello Rent. The customer acknowledges that does not receive any real right on the rented vehicle and accessories provided and, therefore, not be able to have in any way.The driving of the motorcycle under this contract is allowed exclusively to persons with age 18 years and only if they hold a valid driving license (A or B as appropriate) .The motorcycle is committed to the customer with the assumption (considered essential by the parties)that it would personally drive it.The customer, therefore assumes all risks and liability in case of custody of driving the vehicle to third persons and for other effects dell'art.116 paragraph XII of the Highway Code relating to custody of a person without a driving license

The customer acknowledges that does not receive any real right on the rented vehicle and accessories provided and, therefore, not be able to have in any way. In particular, it is strictly forbidden to sub-charter the vehicle to third parties in any form. In addition, the customer can not under any circumstances use or allow the vehicle to be used: (a) for the transport of persons and / or goods for commercial purposes; (B) to push or tow vehicles, trailers or other things; (C) in races, competitions, professional competitions, races on circuits, runs or open to the public; (D) under the influence of alcohol, drugs, hallucinogens, narcotics, barbiturates, intoxicants, or any other substance that could impair the state of consciousness and alertness, or the ability to react; (S) in violation of customs rules, traffic or other laws; (F) by a person other than the client, unless that person has been authorized in writing by Mondello Rent; (G) for circulation in restricted areas or in areas of access or service to the port and airport areas with limited traffic; (H) by a person who has supplied the Mondello Rent data and / or false information about your age, name, date and place of birth, residence address, tax identification number; (S) for any illegal purpose. In addition, the customer assumes the obligation to: (a) ride the vehicle personally and keep it, together with the accessories provided with the utmost diligence and in compliance with all applicable laws (B) ensure the operation and safety of the vehicle during the time of hire; (C) indemnify the Mondello Rent from any claims made by third parties for damages suffered by them to the goods transported in the rented vehicle or due to faults or inconveniences to the medium; (D) refund the Mondello Rent, against invoice, for all expenses, including legal fees, that it would incur to obtain the fulfillment of monetary obligations due to any reason and / or reason, for such purpose therein including those for motorway tolls not paid, associated administrative costs; (E) use all anti-theft devices of which has the means whenever this is parked and abandoned, although in places closed and guarded areas.

The customer declares to be aware of requirements of the current Highway Code. In any case, for the sake of completeness, the Mondello Rent has informed the customer about the main provisions, with particular reference to the statutory framework on helmets, speed limits and the consequences arising from their failure to comply (unless the fact constitutes a more serious offense).

The booking of the  vehicles could be made by mail, fax, Internet, or by phone.The Mondello Rent reserves the right to substitute the reserved vehicle, if not available for the dates agreed, with one of the same category or another one different.In case of cancellation by the customer the Mondello Rent will retain the sum paid as a deposit.

The rented motorcycle is covered by liability insurance (RC), which covers damage caused to third parties. The Mondello Rent has provided the customer with a copy of the relevant insurance contract, and so the customer must be aware, accept and commit to respect the terms of the policy.The motorcycle is not covered by insurance for theft or fire. In case of theft or fire, partial or total, the customer is obligated to immediately report the fact to the competent authority and to deliver to Mondello Rent no later than 24 hours from the fact the original complaint, and to indemnify the Mondello Rent with the sum of £ 1500.00.  Mondello Rent is therefore from now empowered to charge the amount corresponding to the amount owed on the credit card of the customer in case of theft or fire. . The rental, as provided herein, is also due to the days of non-use of the vehicle for theft or fire.

In case of any accident, the customer must immediately notify Mondello Rent by telephone. The customer must request the intervention of the Competent Authority and, when necessary, will have to make a complaint to the competent authority. The customer must take care to obtain the data on witnesses and other vehicles involved or, anyway, to get all the necessary information to determine the responsibility of the accident happened.In addition, the customer is obligated to forward to Mondello Rent, no later than the next 24 hours following the accident, a detailed report on the complete form "report of loss" (CID), which is enclosed to the documents of the vehicle. Finally, the customer agrees to cooperate with the Mondello Rent, his insurance, his Office in any investigation or proceeding judicial and extrajudicial.

Before the rental have been agreed between the parties,date and time of delivery of the motorcycle, and the customer commits himself to respect the agreements made. Any change must be agreed in writing with the Mondello Rent.The return of the vehicle must take place during the opening hours of Mondello Rent and in the hands of an employee.The Mondello Rent reserves the right to terminate the contract and to repossess of the vehicle at any time in case of violation of the conditions of use agreed upon, without charge whatsoever to the customer by way of damages, or any other title and / or reason. In any case, the client is obliged to return the motorcycle when the Mondello Rent so request, also verbal. Any property left in the motorcycle returned to Mondello Rent is considered abandoned, and Mondello Rent is not obliged to keep them and return.The  motorcycle must be returned with a full tank of fuel.

The Customer undertakes to return the vehicle and its equipment in the same delivery conditions, and therefore undertakes to restore any deficits and to repair all the damages done.In particular, the customer assumes the obligation to pay damages arising from refueling with fuel other than that provided for the rented vehicle and damage resulting from repairs carried out or directly by the customer without the written consent of Mondello Rent, or arising from the movement of the vehicle despite the presence of faults reported without the timely delivery of the same. In case of flat tires the customer must replace, at its expense, the damaged tires. It is not permitted to return the vehicle with repaired tires.In case of   damages of any kind, Mondello Rent is henceforth entitled to withdraw without notice the amount corresponding on the customer credit card.The customer is considered directly responsible in case of theft and / or burning of the rented vehicle.

To the extent permitted by law, the Mondello Rent can not be held responsible, and even the customer waives for himself and his heirs or assigns to advance any claims against him for any damage suffered by the client or by third parties as arising from the use of the rented vehicle, or for loss or damage to property owned by the customer or third left in the middle or to damage or inconvenience resulting from delay in delivery, failures or any other cause beyond the direct and exclusive control of Mondello Rent.

The customer must provide at the time of the rental a valid credit card as a guarantee.The payment can be done by cash or by credit card and must be anticipated. In the event that, for any reason, the payment is not done in advance, it must in any case take place on the date of expiry of the contract together with the return of the vehicle or the Mondello Rent is from now authorized to take the amount equivalent to the fees on the credit card of the customer at the date of expiry of this contract.

Loss and / or breaking the chain - £ 50.00 (+ iva)
Loss and / or theft of the vehicle keys - £ 50.00 (+ iva)
Loss and / or theft of the motorcycle documents - £ 350.00 (+ iva)
Loss and / or theft Helmet - £ 45.00 (+ iva)
Return of the motorcycle without a full tank of fuel - £ 10.00
After an hour – One extra day time price
After a day – One further extra day time price plus 15%

The client must transmit within 24 hours at Mondello Rent any fine that had been notified by the public authorities. In case of failure to timely transmission the  customer shall be responsible for any payment and / or damage suffered by Mondello Rent directly or indirectly caused by the lack of timely transmission. In the case of penalties and / or fines notified to Mondello Rent a later date of the end of the rental Mondello Rent will send to the customer via registered a / r the invoice with attached copy of the ticket and the rental agreement. The customer, in the event that  Mondello Rent  had not already charged the sum on the credit card, will be required to pay the invoice within 10 days of receipt of the same.If is difficult to track down the offender client,Mondello Rent is authorized to charge without notice the amount on the customer credit card.

In case of technical failure of the motorcycle rented not attributable to the customer, and that precludes the possibility of use of the vehicle, the Mondello Rent will possibly replace the vehicle with one similiar.If is not possible to replace the vehicle,Mondello Rent will refund the customer the part not enjoyed of the rental period already paid. (It 'conventionally excluding further compensation) .The Mondello Rent undertakes to refund the customer the amount spent for repairs due to breakdowns of the motorcycle, provided resulting from a regular invoice addressed to the customer and which have been approved in advance in writing from Mondello Rent.Mondello Rent will not refund unauthorized repair bills.The abandonment of the vehicle without permission of Mondello Rent entails the obligation of the customer to pay all direct and indirect expenses necessary for the recovery of the motorcycle and a penalty of £ 2,000 (+iva).

Any change to this agreement can not take place, nor can it be proved, except by written instrument, countersigned by both parties. 

The contract can not be renewed except by a new written contract.

For any dispute that may arise relating to the contract is the place of jurisdiction of Palermo.

In the  event of conflict in the interpretation of the Italian and English version of the present hire contract, the Italian version shall prevail over the  English one.